Janet Klein and her Borsht Belt Babies

at the Steve Allen Theater
at the Center for Inquiry-West

Janet Klein and her Borsht Belt Babies is a weekly Vaudeville-style revue seen as it would have been performed in the early Twentieth century.   The significant thing is that many of the cast members are actual descendents of Vaudeville legends-- Buster Keatonís great-granddaughter, actress Zasu Pitts' grandson, "eccentric dancer" Rubberlegs Louís son, musician Nino Demagioís nephew, and world-class prestidigitator Marty Kleinís granddaughter.

 Hosted by acclaimed band leader Janet Klein, who brings with her a charming Yiddish sex symbol personality reminiscent of the great Vaudeville legend Fanny Brice. The show features Janetís comedy numbers, Yiddish novelty tunes, and Tin Pan Alley songs.  Guest Vaudeville acts amount to the majority of the eveningís entertainment.

 The Parlor Boys have enjoyed the reputation of the greatest pre-WW2 style musicians in Los Angeles, and they join us as the house band, accompanying Janet and the guestís numbers.

 The history of American theater is so rich, it has left us with half a centuryís worth of scripts and sheet music of classic Vaudeville material.  Janet Klein and her Borsht Belt Babies is the new vaudeville, bringing together contemporary comedians and revivalist performers.

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